About Us

We offer handmade, embellished luxury ballet flat shoes from Pakistan also known as ‘khussas’, 'juttis' or 'mojaris' made by skilled artisans. Attention to detail, comfort, and unique styles is what sets us apart.  

Our Why

When we started Zari by Zee, our goals were:

  •  to make a piece of Pakistani/Indian culture and fashion more accessible to people living in the West.
  • to bring back a sense of nostalgia to those familiar with khussas or juttis, and introduce this unique footwear to the ‘un-initiated’.
  • to bring awareness to and support the artisans and skilled workers who work hard at creating these works of art.
The year 2020 has given us all a reason to pause, stop for a moment in our tracks, and reassess our trajectory. For artisans in Pakistan, their sector was hit hard during the pandemic, leading to closures, job losses and unemployment. 
To preserve this cultural heritage, promote and protect these artisans, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Pakistan are creating systems to provide access to the international market and bring awareness by using social media.
These organizations are also developing programs for skills-teaching and business development which help empower women in the rural communities to obtain gainful employment and provide for their families.
A portion of our sales goes to support these organizations to help them thrive and and continue to do this important and vital work.
When you make a purchase, you are partnering with Zari by Zee to give back to the community by creating opportunities for the otherwise marginalized craftspeople in the Subcontinent. 

Our what

Traditional khussas are made of rigid materials that often leave your feet sore, scarred, and blistered.
The sole and structure of our flats is made of leather, making them soft and pliable so the shoes easily conform to your feet.
The inner soles are further cushioned for comfort ensuring your feet stay happy in them longer. 
We strive to make these ballet flat shoes unique with the use of elements such as silk, velvet, pearls, beads and sequins with intricate hand embroidery making each pair a statement piece.